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    Upcoming Programs & Events

    May 25 planting the learning garden at 2:00PM Saturday. June – Cathy F is doing more on spring and summer care of Dahlia plants along with insects. July – Teresa T and Lynn will do something on bouquets and cut … Continue reading

    Grown from seed 2018

    Teresa Thom awarding Anton deBree the trophy for best seedling 2018.

    Tuber Splitting and Winter Storage Demonstration – Oct. 3 and Oct. 26, 2013

    October is the month to start thinking about storing your dahlia tubers over winter! Our club’s preferred practice is splitting and storing. If you do not already have a tried-and-true method, please come to one of our info sessions on … Continue reading

    Pest Control Strategies

    Many thanks to Judith for her excellent presentation on pest control at our last general meeting! For those who weren’t able to attend or would like a recap, here is the information: Pest Control Strategies The “big” growers in our … Continue reading

    Starting Dahlias From Seed – March 2013 Meeting

    This year, for fun, we are encouraging our members to grow dahlias from seed to see what flowers they might get. In September, we will have an informal flower show where members can show off their favourite blooms (judging will … Continue reading

    Growing Dahlias from Seed

    We grow our dahlias from tubers because that way we know what we are getting (each tuber cut from a clump will produce the same flower). However there is another way to grow dahlias and that’s from seed. With this … Continue reading

    Summer Care for Dahlias

    GardenWise Magazine has published an informative article on Summer Care of Dahlias. Let’s just home that summer finally arrives!

    Planting Dahlias

    Here are some instructions for taking your tubers from storage (or purchase) to growing in your garden. In March, check on your stored tubers. Remove any that are rotted or have mildew. Separate the remaining tubers into those with eyes … Continue reading

    You Don’t Need a Garden to Grow Dahlias

    Dahlias make excellent potted plants.  Cathy Featherby has kindly provided some instructions on how to get the best out of your potted dahlias: POT SIZE Use a good size pot – 5 to 7 gal. for larger plants and any … Continue reading

    Dahlias Make a Dramatic Impact in Borders and Pots

    Dahlias work extremely well as border plants and in pots and as an added benefit the bees and butterflies love them. Pictured below are some dahlia varieties that work particularly well in the garden border, including Rembrandt which grows to … Continue reading

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