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    Current Events

    Next General Meeting… will be meeting at St. Michael and All Angels church hall, (which is at the rear of the church) for a 7:30pm start.
    4733 West Saanich Road.  Thursday, March 3rd. 2022
    Cathy Featherby is giving a power point presentation on  Dahlias 101, 2022 .  This is a fantastic presentation and she will be offering this one time only this year.  A must-see!
    If you haven’t been to this site previously, you may want to cruise by prior to the meeting date, to become familiar with the drive.  There will be the roadside ‘Victoria Dahlia Society’ sandwich board next to the correct driveway.   I will be outside to direct folks from the parking lot to the meeting place.  You may want to bring a flashlight.
    The church website has a small map you may want to investigate
    We will be following Provincial Health Orders; fully vaccinated and face masks as we’re inside.


    April 9 2021 – Interested in becoming a Judge?

    Hello Club Members,
    Why is one dahlia flower in a show better than another? The mysteries of judging
    Our judging Chair, Barry Willoughby, is planning to hold a judging session for
    anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of this area of dahlia culture.
    There is much to learn about judging but anyone can become a judge and can
    learn the basics. The American Dahlia Society (ADS) establishes standards for
    dahlia flowers including colour and form being the most important. Without judges,
    our shows could not be held and we need to continually train new judges to take
    over for those who retire. Training will be hands-on as much as possible. Please let
    Barry know if you are interested or have questions about judging. The session will
    be only for new judges and anyone interested can contact him directly by e-mail ( or phone 250-634-2100. The session would likely take place in July so he would need to know asap to prepare.
    If you are interested in clerking but not yet ready to take on judging you are also
    welcome to join this session for interest alone.


    Sept 3rd 2020

    Bats in your Belfry?
    Ronna Woudstra, bat coordinator for the local non-profit Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT.BC.CA; 250-995-2428), reminds us that baby bats are now learning to fly and may take a while to get the hang of it. She cautions against harming bats or trapping them. By mid-September they will leave your home to hibernate as the weather gets cooler. She advises waiting until then, if you can, to undertake projects such as installing one-way doors or sealing up your house.