Dahlia Show

Results from our 2023 Dahlia Show

Best overall Single in ShowEmbraceWayne Reid
Best overall Triple in ShowSkipley Snoho BillConnie Young Davis
Best Giant (AA) SingleZorroConnie Young Davis
Best Giant (AA) TripleAggie WhiteTrevor Hoff
Best Large (A) SingleChi ef 25Paul McKittrick
Best Large (A) TripleClearview JazzConnie Young Davis
Best Medium (B) SingleCleaview PastelleConnie Young Davis
Best Medium (B) TripleTangerine MilleniumConnie Young Davis
Best Small (BB) SingleEmbraceWayne Reid
Best Small (BB) TripleCat’s Mellow YellowCathy Featherby
Best Min. SingleConnie Pei YangConnie Young Davis
Best Min. TripleConnie Pei YangConnie Young Davis
Best Ball SingleMary’s JomandaConnie Young Davis
Best Ball TripleSnoho DorisConnie Young Davis
Best Min. Ball SingleSkipley Snoho BillConnie Young Davis
Best Min. Ball TripleSkipley Snoho BillConnie Young Davis
Best Pompon SingleGlenplaceJessica Lacey
Best Pompon TripleGlenplaceJohn Wrinch
Best Stellar SingleAlloway CandyRenata Outerbridge
Best Stellar TripleClearview Del SolConnie Young Davis
Best Waterlily SinglePam HowdenConnie Young Davis
Best Waterlily TriplePam HowdenConnie Young Davis
Best Nov. Double SingleTwizzleJudy & Vern Stephens
Best Nov. Double Triple<No Award> 
Best Peony SingleStillwater RaspberryJudy & Vern Stephens
Best Peony Triple<No Award> 
Best Anemone SingleAlpen PearlClaire Crowe
Best Anemone TriplePoodle SkirtLiz Munro
Best Nov. Open Single<No Award> 
Best Nov. Open Triple<No Award> 
Best Collarette SingleChi RaePaul McKitrrick
Best Collarette TripleKelsey Annie JoyBarry & Mary Willoughby
Best Orchid SingleMidnight StarConnie Young Davis
Best Orchid Triple<No Award> 
Best Orchette SingleFancy PantsRenata Outerbridge
Best Orchette Triple<No Award> 
Best Single SingleConnie MarilynConnie Young Davis
Best Single TripleGwen RedcliffePaul McKitrrick
Best Mignon SingleLo BlushJudy & Vern Stephens
Best Mignon TripleKelsey DwarfRenata Outerbridge
Best Flower of the Year (Single)Elsie HustonConnie Young Davis
Best Flower of the Year (Triple)Connie Pei YangConnie Young Davis
Best Floating WaterliliesCameoWayne & Mary Reid
Best Bowl/VaseGlenbank TwinkleJudy & Vern Stephens
Best BasketLakeview GlowLiz Munro
Best Junior EntryBloomquist JeanElla Lacey
Best ADS Seedling BenchN/A 
Novice – Best Medium (B) SingleSorbetSherry Musio
Novice – Best Medium (B) TripleSorbetSherry Musio
Amateur – Best Medium (B) TripleHillcrest Duncan EdwardsWilliam & Elizabeth Dunlop
Novice – Best Small (BB) Single10-5 MkenaClaire Crowe
Novice – Best Small (BB) TripleEn PointeRenata Outerbridge
Amateur – Best Small (BB) TripleChilson’s PrideJohn Wrinch
Novice – Best Miniature SingleConnie Pei YangRenata Outerbridge
Novice – Best Miniature TripleAmethyst GlowJessica Lacey
Amateur – Best Miniature TripleHollyhill RegalWilliam & Elizabeth Dunlop
Novice – Best Ball SingleRobin HoodAllison Lambert
Novice – Best Ball TripleSkipley Splish SplashMarguerite Casey
Amateur – Best Ball Triple<No Award> 
Novice – Best Stellar SingleAlloway CandyRenata Outerbridge
Novice – Best Stellar TripleClearview Del SolClaire Crowe
Amateur – Best Stellar Triple<No Award> 
Novice – Best Waterlily SingleBride to BeSherry Musio
Novice – Best Waterlily TripleCameoRenata Outerbridge
Amateur – Best Waterlily TripleBridge to BeWayne Reid

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