Growing Dahlias from Seed

We grow our dahlias from tubers because that way we know what we are getting (each tuber cut from a clump will produce the same flower). However there is another way to grow dahlias and that’s from seed. With this method you are never quite sure what you are going to get because the seed is a result of pollination from two different plants.

Some growers pollinate by hand some they can control the process and attempt to combine the qualities for two specific plants. The rest of us pollinate randomly by letting bees do what they do.

So how does one go about collecting seed so they can plant it in the spring and see what comes up? Here is the answer:

  1. Wait until the seed pod has dried a little (it is no longer green)
  2. Squeeze the seed pod. If you feel like there is something in there that something will be the seeds.
  3. Cut the seed pod from the plant and store it in a dry place to let it fully dry out.
  4. After you have finished putting your tubers to bed for the winter peel open the seed pods and collect the seed.
  5. Remember to label the seed with the name of the parent plant.

The photos below show a green seed pod, a seed pod that has dried on the plan and the seeds found inside the pod.


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