Dahlia Show 2021

“SHOW TIME 2021”

The Victoria and Nanaimo Dahlia Society Shows were both a “GREAT SUCCESS” with many winning blooms and lots of wonderful volunteers. Without our volunteers we could never accomplish so much in such a short time so a BIG THANK YOU to each of you!!! Many novice exhibiters showed blooms for the first time, and a good number received blue ribbons.

In Victoria the Top Single entry in the Show was Clearview Cameron (B C LB) shown by Connie Young Davis. That win in the Victoria Show received a Perpetual Trophy.  Congratulations Connie!

The Top Triple in the Show was Pam Howden (WL OR) shown by Cathrine Featherby.

In the Nanaimo Show both the top Single and Triple were won by Connie Young Davis.  The Top Single was Kenora Jubilee (A SC W) and the Top Triple was Barberry Red Dwarf (M FD DR).  Congratulations again to Connie!



Show Poster 2021

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our amazing volunteers at our annual show. Our show is completely run by volunteer efforts; set up, take down, day-of operations, judging and planning. We couldn’t do it without them. Thank you to Mary and Barry Willoughby for heading off a lot of the pre planning and year round work that goes into the show. Thank you to all who came out to lend a hand, for a short time or a long time, the society is very appreciative of your efforts.


Many Society Members showed their recent originations that placed in one or both shows. Some even made it to the Head Table. To create an origination the propagators will grow a dahlia plant from seed they have developed. They will then keep only those plants that look promising as defined by the American Dahlia Society. It usually takes 4 years to know if the plant is stable. The final chapter is to see how the plants and blooms do in a Trial Garden or how blooms do in a Sanctioned Show.


Connie Young Davis:
– Connie Quan Dee – Miniature Ball Triple entry – First and Head Table in Nanaimo.
– Connie Sophie (BB SC Y) – Single entry – First in Nanaimo

Cathrine Featherby:
– Cat’s Hot Lips (S DR) – Single entry – First and Head Table in Victoria.
– Cat’s Hot Lips (S DR) – Triple entry – First and Head Table in Victoria and Nanaimo.
– Cat’s Mellow Yellow (BB LC Y) Single entry – First in Nanaimo

Paul McKittrick:
– CHi Flamingo (WL DP) – Single entry – First in Nanaimo
– CHi Flamingo (WL DP) – Triple entry – First in Nanaimo

Barry Willoughby:
– Moxon Lemon Ice (A SC Y) – Single Entry – First in Nanaimo.  Shown by Cathrine Featherby.


The Victoria Dahlia Society’s Annual Show – Head Table

These five photographs are the top winning Dahlias is each class. Congratulations to all the exhibitors with a bloom on the head table!

The beautiful head table bowl and basket entries by Teresa Thom were a big hit. She also won 1st and head table in the floating waterlily category. Congratulations to Teresa!

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