March Meeting Highlights

Our March meeting featured two excellent presentations. One by Dwight from Integrity Sales and Distributors on fertilizer and the other by Cathy on Mason Bees.


We all know that dahlias and other plants require certain nutrients to thrive and many of us apply fertilizer to help supply those nutrients. The question is how do you know what to apply if you don’t know what is lacking in your soil? The answer is to get your soil tested. A soil test provides a wide range of information which an expert like Dwight can analyze to come up with a fertilizer package that will be best for your plants.

A soil test through Integrity Sales and Service is done by an independent lab and costs $45. It only requires about a cup of soil which be made up of samples from various locations in your growing bed. Just remember not to put the sample in a metal container or it will be contaminated. For more information visit Integrity Sales and Distributors.

Mason Bees

Mason Bees or Blue Orchard Bees do a lot for us pollinating 1500 or more flowers in a single day and we can do something for them by providing them homes. Cathy showed us the bee condos that her husband Dave makes and how to care for the bees and condos through the year.

Mason Bee condos are available at Integrity Sales and Distributors for $30.

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