This page will be used to provide educational information about the care and growing of dahlias.

Leafy and Crown Gall Disease#

The first program available is about Leafy and Crown Gall, diseases that can afflict your dahlia tubers. As gall is becoming more common, this information was seen as the most important to provide as our first program.

If you are growing dahlias, please click here to download this informative presentation on Leafy and Crown Gall. There’s a bonus at the end – photos of Cathy’s masterful garden where dahlias play a leading role.

Is it Crown Gall or Leafy Gall? by Melodie L. Putnam and Marilyn Miller of Oregon State University provides more information on the difference between Leafy and Crown Gall.

Dahlia Classification

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Dahlias are classified by size, form and colour. You can download a full list of classifications and their abbreviations here.

For a complete listing of named dahlias visit the American Dahlia Association on-line Classification Guide .

Soil Health

Dahlias prefer soil that is:

  • well aerated and uniform in texture
  • contains a good amount of humus
  • drains well but holds sufficient moisture to sustain the vigorous plant growth
  • has the acidity of 6.2 to 6.5 – a bit on the acidic side.
  • has balanced nutrients of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, along with micro nutrients

Click here for more information on how to have healthier soil.