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    Dahlias Make a Dramatic Impact in Borders and Pots

    Dahlias work extremely well as border plants and in pots and as an added benefit the bees and butterflies love them. Pictured below are some dahlia varieties that work particularly well in the garden border, including Rembrandt which grows to … Continue reading

    This could be Your Garden

    Below are photos from member gardens taken in summers past.  Want these gardens?  Come out to our Plant & Tuber Sale. In this photo, dahlias are being protected from expected rain showers. This is done in preparation for our Annual … Continue reading

    Five Signs of Spring in Victoria

    5 – Cherry Blossoms 4 – Daffodils blooming 3 – First Swallows of the year (Photo by: Jen Goellnitz) 2 – Victoria Dahlia Society members start returning from places like Hawaii and Arizona (sorry, no photo)   1 – Dahlia … Continue reading

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